Welcome to my private website on software development for microcontrollers. These pages are intended for education in technology which particularly means learning how to program modern microcontrollers and get deeper into the topic.

Site owner: Peter Baier, 76887 Bad Bergzabern, Germany, peter[at]dk7ih[dot]de

Something about me, if you are interested: I graduated from college in science (Physics and IT with English as a secondary subject) in the 1990s, earned a teaching degree in secondary education and have been working as a science teacher for more than 20 years. Today I teach science with a private school in Karlsruhe/Germany.

After having graduated from college and before starting teaching professionally I worked as a software and hardware developer for more than half a decade. Mainly I had been occupied with projects in the field of technique of measurement, sensor interfacing, database development. Also I have been occupied with macro programming for Microsoft products and learning software.

About 20 years ago I discovered the world of microcontrollers (MCUs) and became fascinated from he first contact on. As a spare time activity I built a lot of electronic gadgets with AVR RISC machines like dive computers, remote controls, amateur radio equipment and much more. I had even designed a new control unit for our washing machine as the old mechanical driven switch unit gave up.

My main language nowadays is the “C” programming language, but  there also were lots of projects in Visual Basic and PASCAL the recent decades. Today all my computer work is in the embedded systems sector (AVR 8-Bit and STM32 32-Bit microcontrollers) for my private radio and scuba diving material.

Amateur radio activities: My callsign is DK7IH. Before gaining my radio amateur license in 1987 I have long been a home constructor of radio equipment. Must have been a virus I aquired from my father who built vacuum tube equipped radios, remote controls for ship models and other radio and electronics related stuff.

Besides technical hobbies I also love sports, e. g. scuba diving, cycling, hiking and, in general, outdoor activities.

Peter B.

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  1. Vicente Chuliá.

    Hello Peter.

    Feeling unable to communicate well, this is written with google translator.
    If you do not understand, you spoke to my girlfriend, she will know German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, and a little English (I do not know what to see in me, I do not speak languages. :-p)

    I also like the amateur radio, indicative EA5IQF. … and … scuba diving 🙂 up to 38m,.

    I would be delighted, with your projects, the radio.

    “Give me FIVE!” – QRB SSB multiband transceiver for 5 bands with 10
    Watts output power

    Very very very good !!
    Schemes, very well done, separated into “groups” to see well and understand.
    Now I, I only have a transmitter of 27 mhz, I like a lot, I also walk 2m.

    I would like to make your project, project free, strong, not have “scheduled obsolescence” … and be personal.

    I do not care. To make circuits, to weld transistors, resistors, and coils, relay, … my knowledge to be of electronic hobby, law of ohm, kirchhoff,
    Level I of electronic / electricity.
    My job is, maintenance in factory, electricity, sensors, transducers, frequency inverters, mechanics, etc.

    Like you, I also like radio lamps, I restore, and free time old radios, tubes, not be an expert, but … areglarlas 😉

    Questions :

    1) All the project, the materials. how much price to leave, approximate?

    I program In Mega … never do, if you can mount, but never program or dump data.

    I try to do, by myself, or seek help, from friends, programmers.

    2) In the worst case, if I assemble and mail you, I can send scheduled, I pay the shipping costs round trip and work hours.

    3)To be able to do more “rustic” version “for my level”, with VCO, and see frequencies with the Asian frequency meter?

    “Can be made”, a removable module, with connectors, for quick connection, and to remove on the one hand,
    And call it “experimentation module Quick ” or “test module”, just like you have with socket,

    I also like CB, but this already be, personal taste, I hope you like the idea of “removable module of rapid experimentation”


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