Welcome to micromaker.de R&D!

Welcome to my Peter Baier micromaker.de R&D!

I am an electronics and software development fanatic (see my bio to get more information, please) and very active in the field of programming microntrollers. Having spent 20+ years with AVRs and embedded C, some years ago I discovered the world of STM32 processors. I am also a licenced amateur radio operator with strong focus on building my own radio equipment. This is my radio, electronics and AVR stuff website: dk7ih.de.

Today I am a freelancer in the world of embedded software and open for projects of any kind. Please drop me a mail if that might be interesting for you concerning a collaboration: webmaster@micromaker.de.

About this website:

On this page you will find lots of material for online learning how to program a microcontroller (STM32/ARM(R) Cortex M4 on this webpage), solving certain, repeatedly upcoming problems and get yourself to a skill level where you can go onto advanced projects. Hope you can find interesting material here! I love to share my knowledge with others, thus education is still in my focus. Feel free to look around and make yourself comfortable!

Are you

  • a learner or student and seeking for introductory lessons on register orientded programming (aka “bare metal”)? If YES!, please refer to the online tutorial.
  • an advanced programmer looking for special code? Then the section on advanced programming might be right for you,
  • or you directly go to my Github repository with lots of code on the STM32F4 MCU to learn from.


C U!