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This website is about microcontrollers and embedded systems programming in the electronic and scientific field. It has been created for my OpenSource project work with different types of microcontrollers and electronics over the years. It’s exclusively educational and mainly for people who love to spend their spare time with activities nowadays called making.

I hold a college degree in Physics and English and work as an educator in the STEM-field for a private school in Germany. Besides I am an enthusiastic tinkerer, a technician and work as free-time software developer with open-source and commercial projects. My main target processors are AVR and STM32/ARM microcontrollers. I started about 20 years ago with an ATMega8 building a series of open-source dive computers.

Topics for Radio Amateurs (like building your own radios and other equipment) can be found on my  Amateur Radio pages.

I hope that visitors can draw benefit from this presentation. Have fun making!

Peter peter(at)dk7ih(dot)de

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