Software modules for the STM32F4

In this section examples will be displayed that refer more closer to specific topics in microcrontroller (MCU) programming. So all that goes far beyond the so-called “Blinky” examples. We will cover displays, sensors, DDS oscillators and other hardware that communicates with MCUs.

BTW: You will find a lot of code for various microcontrollers on my Github repository.

  • For the AVR code collection click here.
  • For STM32F4/ARM-Cortex-M4 material click here!

Display drivers

ILI9341 Parallel mode colored display

ILI9341 parallel interface for STM32F4 (16-bit parallel display)

ILI9341 parallel interface for STM32F4 (16-bit parallel display)


(uses parallel data transfer with custom made function)









ILI9341 SPI Colored TFT Display

(This examples uses proprietary SPI functions of STM32)




SS1106/SS1306 chipset OLED

(Using I2C communication)





DOT-Matrix display 16×2

(parallel driving in 4-bit mode)




DDS oscillator AD9951

(self-programmed SPI)




DDS oscillator AD9850

(self-programmed SPI)



Clock oscillator: Si5351





Other peripheral modules

Accessing External EEPROM 24C65 etc.





Analog temperature sensor KTY81-210





4×4 membrane keypad