You need a freelance software developer for microcontroller units?

Here are some skills, experience and ideas I can contribute…

Programming languages

  • C (30 years) , Embedded C (20+ years)
  • My emphasis is on register based programming with AVR/PIC and ARM microcontrollers using functional C.

Development environment

  • GCC AVR Toolchain (Windows or Linux)
  • GCC ARM Toolchain (Windows or Linux)


  • Data protocols: SPI, I²C, U(S)ART, parallel,
  • Displays: LCD DOT matrix and graphical (e. g. LCD, TFT, OLED), plenty of experience in driver design.
  • Oscillators (Direct Digital Synthesizers of the AD98xx family, Si5351),
  • Sensors (analog and digital),
  • Analog-Digital-Converters (ADC),
  • Digital-Analog-Converters (DAC),
  • PWM (DC power control, battery chargers etc.)
  • Power drivers, motor drivers etc.,
  • Radio modules for ISM applications,
  • GPS modules (NMEA)

Other programming languages I have used are

  • Pascal
  • Delphi
  • Visual Basic
  • Gambas3 (Linux)

Database development

  • Microsoft Access (including programming using VBA), SQL

Operating systems

  • Linux
  • Windows

Development of analog and digital electronic circuits

  • Radio frequency applications (Two-way radios), power amplifiers
  • Test equipment
  • SCUBA diving computers
  • Systems for telemetric data transfer
  • Radio control systems

Other skills

  • Ability to design electronic circuits, build prototypes and perform test procedures.
  • Optimization of electronic circuits.
  • 30 years experience in usage of electronic test equipment (Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, signal generators,VTVMs, Multimeters etc.).
  • Owner of electronic lab primarily for two-way-radio and electronics design.
  • Analytical way of thinking, „top-down“ oriented.
  • English: fluent, French: basic.
  • Well experienced in fine mechanics.

If you should be interested in cooperation, please drop me a note: webmaster(at)micromaker.de